About Chris

Chris and his mother

Humble Roots

Chris grew up the only child of a single mom in rural Texas. Although his dad never graduated high school, Chris received a scholarship to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, receiving both a computer science degree and then a Masters of Business Administration.

Strong Foundation

Chris has also volunteered on boards of multiple registered neighborhood organizations, city and state Boards and Commissions, and planning processes spearheaded by Denver agencies. All of that experience helps Chris be a strong voice for residents in the urban core on Denver City Council.


In July 2019, Chris Hinds was elected as the first Denver official – local, state, or federal – who uses a wheelchair for mobility. After his election, and nearly 30 years after ADA was passed into law, Denver made physical alterations to the City Council chambers, city hall, and areas around the Civic Center complex. Just as Denver has increased access for Chris, Chris has increased access for all in Denver.

Chris Needs Your Help!

It’s now time to show potential challengers that Chris has supporters who are willing to share a little of their personal treasure to ensure he gets re-elected. Please contribute any amount up to $50 today!