Scooter on dirt path

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Scooters in Denver!

Final Update, 6/5 11:00 AM:

  • YES 41.2% 41.2%
  • NO 58.8% 58.8%

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In May 2021, Denver entered into contracts with two scooter vendors: Lyft and Lime.  Now that it’s been a year, I want to hear your thoughts!  Are scooters good for Denver?  Are scooters a menace?  We hear from some people that scooters have changed how they get around our city, while others say scooters make them afraid to use our sidewalks today.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

This conversation is more nuanced than a simple binary solution. Here’s the deal: I keep hearing from a lot of you that we should take another look at our scooter laws in Denver. I hear that scooters are dangerous. I hear that people illegally use scooters on sidewalks. I hear pedestrians feel unsafe. I hear there isn’t enough enforcement for scooters. But this is the nature of public office: we often hear from the vocal minority and not the silent majority. So this is an attempt to learn from you what the majority of people feel. Thank you for participating! Our democracy is stronger when we all participate.