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Denver issues tax exemption for diapers

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The Denver City Council approved an ordinance exempting all diapers from sales tax in the City and County of Denver. That includes adult incontinence products. 

"Inflation and the rising cost of living in Denver have created a burden for families and Denver's older residents, many of whom are on fixed incomes. Diapers are necessary, and they should be exempted from sales tax just like any other necessary product," said Denver City Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer in a statement.

Earlier this year, the state Legislature passed a law that exempts menstrual products and diapers from state sales tax. Each city in Colorado must choose whether that exemption applies to local sales tax as well. Denver began exempting menstrual products from local sales tax in 2019.

The city council voted on the ordinance Monday night and it will be officially adopted after next week's vote. 

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